Music from Chopin’s Land is a project to expand the educational repertoire for teachers of piano and violin.

The campaign presents a wide range of Polish piano (the 2020 edition) and violin (the 2022 edition) music: from pieces by Chopin and Wieniawski and other 19th-century Polish composers, through Paderewski and Bacewicz to composers of educational music: Garścia and Rybicki, Cofalik and Iwan.

The name of the campaign comes from the title of three collections aimed at popularizing Polish music written by composers other than Chopin. In the first edition in 2019, we published four videos showcasing these works. Later, the project evolved to look at the practical use of Polish music, which is why the next two editions include tutorials aimed at instrumental music teachers.

50 educational videos present renowned teachers analyzing individual pieces and highlighting their usefulness in the learning process of young piano and violin students.

Each of the 50 films is available in six language versions: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Polish. They are recorded by pianists and violinists from five different countries.

The objective of the project is to expand the educational repertoire in the area of teaching piano and violin. New repertoire suggestions derived from Polish music can be useful at various stages of teaching.

The project is aimed at two groups of music teachers: pianists (the 2020 edition) and violinists (the 2022 edition). Because the campaign features pieces of varying difficulty it can benefit teachers of beginners and more advanced students.