Janina Garścia, Teasers

for piano, PWM 11670

This publication contains 10 miniatures with figurative titles such as Mały dobosz (The Little Drummer)Kropelki rosy (Dewdrops) , and Bieg na przełaj (Cross-country Running). The very title of the collection suggests that fun and games will ensue. The pieces are intended for young pianists, but have varying levels of difficulty, gradually introducing increasingly difficult elements. What is characteristic of all the pieces are polyrhythmic elements, extremely important in piano education. At the beginning of the set, these elements (the rhythm of duplets and triplets) do not overlap between the hands, only to occur simultaneously later, until finally the student is faced with the overlap of eighth notes and triplets. However, the collection guides the young pianist through various musical challenges naturally, with an emphasis on fun and experimentation.

Andrew Eales about the publication:

Exploring Janina Garścia’s Educational Music


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